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Housing Tampa Can Afford

As Tampa’s economy continues to soar, we must ensure that this prosperity reaches every neighborhood of our city. That starts with keeping Tampa livable and affordable for all.

As Mayor, I will immediately convene a working group of policy professionals in the areas of workforce and affordable housing development to work with stakeholders in our communities to craft an action plan based around these solutions to our affordable housing crisis:

Focusing on Smart Growth – In order to make it easier for affordable housing to be built, the city should look into re-evaluating and revising city codes that burden development, such as parking minimums, retail requirements, and how to better streamline the permitting process.

Expanding Inventory – The city of Tampa currently provides city-owned lots to affordable housing developers. Expanding this program is vital to growing our housing options.

Offering Incentives – Under my administration, we will look into providing incentives––whether through tax breaks or zoning exemptions––to ensure that affordable housing makes financial sense for developers and that we can grow our affordable housing stock. That includes requiring developers to include a percentage of affordable housing in neighborhoods that are being renovated.

Encouraging Innovation – Solving the affordable housing problem will require creative solutions and bold action. We should actively explore and implement innovative housing solutions that have worked in other world-class cities. By working with local community leaders and listening to the needs of citizens, we will ensure that all options are on the table to meet our residents’ housing needs.

Securing State and Federal Aid – Our work at the local level must be supplemented by our fair share of state and federal funds. For too long, Tallahassee has used the Sadowski Affordable Housing Trust Fund as their own personal piggy bank. As Mayor, I will take an active and aggressive role fighting to secure those dollars for affordable housing development in our growing city. I will also make it a priority to have Tampa be on the forefront of all federal actions on affordable housing to ensure we receive the funding our citizens deserve.