Priorities for All of Tampa

Tampa is booming. But we can do even better. In Jane’s 58 years of being Tampa born, Tampa raised, Tampa educated and Tampa employed she has seen tremendous progress and community spirit in our city. From walking the neighborhood as a beat cop to becoming the first woman Police Chief, Jane has seen that when people are involved and invested in working together, problems get solved. Together, Jane and her team attacked and reduced crime by over 70% making our neighborhoods safer places to live, play and enjoy. At the same time, they made the largest city agency, the police department, more efficient, and in touch with the problems Tampa needs fixing. Jane and her team saved money while improving services. Effective leadership makes a difference. Our growing economy and attracting bright young minds and new employers to move here are all testimony to the power of leadership that can bring people together for a common purpose-that’s exactly what Jane brings to this race. But Tampa, Jane knows we can do even better.

A Safer Tampa. Jane is the only candidate who has taken on and effectively fought crime. From the time she took a lead role in targeting Tampa's crime rate as a major in the Tampa Police Department to her retirement as a police chief, the city's crime rate dropped 70 percent. She put at-risk youth into jobs programs, made the police department more efficient and saved taxpayer money while improvement services, and always led effectively and with a steady hand. Jane has put in the work and produced the results to make Tampa and attractive place to live and work.

A Better Transportation Future. Jane is the only candidate for mayor who has seen the deadly and devastating effects of an overburdened road and street intersection system, or the human suffering that results when our first responders can not do their jobs because of rush hour gridlock.  We can and will do better. You the people, have said “Enough”. You’ve granted leaders the tools to fix our transportation problems. The same way we effectively attacked crime with innovative thinking, as your next mayor, Jane will use the skills learned in city leadership to effectively keep people and traffic moving.

A Growing Economy. Great progress has been made to expand our job base, make Tampa an attractive place to live and work and we can do even better. It starts with a foundation of a safe and more mobile city, but it continues and builds with a leader who knows our neighborhoods, knows our people and has a record of effectively fixing problems. Jane is the only candidate who developed a jobs program for our at-risk youth, not just because they lacked good job opportunities, but because our police department needed talent. Tampa is stronger when those who grew up here are working with their own neighborhoods to achieve a common goal of a safer Tampa.