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Neighborhood Empowerment Plan

As your next mayor, I will be a neighborhood ally for all Tampa citizens. Through my Conversations with Castor listening tour, I’ve learned even more about the needs of our communities. So, what does being an ally look like? Here is how I plan to bring City Hall to your doorstep so that everyone has a voice and you won’t have to shout for it to be heard:

Community Connect Opportunities

City Hall can seem like a cold, distant place far removed from the residents we serve. That is why we will have city staff assigned to regularly connect in all neighborhoods throughout the city and personally as your Mayor will hold office hours in our neighborhoods, listening to your concerns and bringing city hall to our residents.

Neighborhood Leadership Development

We want to grow and empower our neighborhood leaders. Our city officials work for you. Under my leadership, the city will collaborate with neighborhood leaders beyond the annual neighborhood leadership academy and develop a broader understanding of how to make our neighborhoods stronger. Our job is uplift communities, help identify the next generation of leaders who we can educate, train, and empower all who want to make a difference in their communities.

Modernizing and Navigating City Services

Consistent and reliable customer service is critical and we want to make sure city residents are able to manage each city service and interact with each department in the quickest and most effective way. We will use technology to our advantage and create an interactive tool where residents are able to take care of services and trouble shoot via live chat features and texting and social media platforms that give residents more ways to communicate with city departments. We will improve the current customer service tracking system to better ensure  all customers service requests are properly and timely being addressed. We will not let any citizens request go unanswered.

Understanding city departments and the services they provide can be very cumbersome. We will institute interactive videos that will describe how each department operates and the vital services they provide along with a clear directory and a staff member to help you reach the correct department, so that each resident has the information they need.

Future Leaders In Action

We can build a better, brighter future in Tampa by molding our leaders of tomorrow today. It is time to get tomorrow’s leaders engaged in the way our community is governed. As your mayor, I will not only maintain the Mayor’s Youth Council for young leaders in grades 9, 10 and 11, but I will broaden this program to engage young professionals in hearing what they want from their city and also help them get a better understanding of local government. Creating these programs also foster and ignite our young professionals to consider a career in city hall. By collaborating with public schools, private schools, higher ed and workforce training we will create a program for educational site visits to city facilities to showcase and understand the plethora of careers and opportunities that exist in city government.

Participatory Budgeting

The City has the responsibility to spend public funds on resources that provide services to our residents, keep our city safe, build and maintain public spaces and parks that enhance our quality of life. Under my leadership, each budget cycle, city staff will not only host neighborhood listening and engagement sessions to highlight various key areas of the budget, but we will also have an online, interactive tool to see “your” budget in real-time for the city. Neighborhoods will have a voice and a seat at the table when drafting the city’s budget. Your concerns, thoughts, and ideas whether in person to city staff or virtually through interactive technologies will be heard. It’s time that our city budget reflects the top priorities for our neighborhoods.