Sustainability and Resilience for Tampa’s Future

As your next Mayor, I will develop and implement sustainability policies that protect Tampa’s air, water, and natural resources. Tampa is blessed with an abundance of productive ecosystems, outdoor recreation opportunities, and miles of beautiful coastline. As Mayor, I will promote policies that conserve natural resources, ensure our coastline is resilient to storms, do our part to reduce harmful air water and air pollution, and work to develop healthy neighborhoods for all Tampa residents.

  • Create a City of Tampa Climate Action and Resilience Plan – Major cities across the country are developing climate action plans to help citizens and elected officials identify risks of extreme weather, sea level rise, heat waves, and other impacts of a changing climate. As Mayor, I will direct my new Officer of Sustainability + Resilience to analyze our city’s climate risks and develop actionable recommendations, and review current city sustainability policies.

  • Tackling Stormwater Management and Sea Level Rise – While the City has taken meaningful steps to increase stormwater funding, many projects remain in the pipeline. As Mayor, I will work with City Council to prioritize funding for stormwater upgrades. I also recognize that flooding and sea level rise threaten many properties in Tampa. Our new City of Tampa Climate Action and Resilience Plan will address the impacts of sea level rise and recommend solutions for coastal resilience, such as the implementation of living shorelines and utilizing green infrastructure where appropriate.

  • Transition City of Tampa Assets to 100% Renewable by 2045 – As Mayor, I will conduct the first-ever energy audit of the largest City of Tampa-owned municipal buildings, as well as city-owned fleets. With that information, we can begin to retrofit the most inefficient assets that are draining energy and costing the City, and take steps towards being fully renewable by 2045.

  • Environmental Justice and Vulnerable Populations – My Administration will focus on helping our most vulnerable citizens live, work, and play in healthy, safe, and clean places. As part of our review, we will map city-owned parks and determine if there are opportunities to expand green space. We will also encourage HART to make the switch to clean, zero-emissions buses and ensure our own buildings have clean, fresh air.